Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services help you gain valuable insights into customer interactions across your different businesses. By delivering a comprehensive view of customer needs and preferences, our services help clients make informed customer-centric sales and marketing decisions. We provide flexibility, scalability, security and complete control of sensitive data to help you deliver an enhanced experience to your customers. Our fully automated and organized CRM business processes enable you to engage with your customers more efficiently and identify innovative ways to augment your sales and marketing efforts. We nurture our clients’ core customer relationships through technology driven solutions that help reduce costs and increase business profitability.

Announcing Name Change: AscendSure will henceforth be known as “eNSURE” .We are proud to announce that we are changing ERP applications implementation and support services name from “AscendSure” to “eNSURE”. The name changes are due to the significant services acceptances and appreciation of the customers and to avoid resembling any other trade or brand names. The company will continue to operate in the ERP Solutions & Support Services space and promote “eNSURE” the award winning methodology of Nasscom with recognition as ‘Emerge 50’ in the year 2011.