Channels of distribution have become very diverse today with the advent of capabilities like global sourcing, cross-selling between brands, third-party logistics and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Product distributors face intense competition and rising customer expectations. This calls for robust and scalable solutions that provide the necessary tools to manage various aspects of the business right from procuring inventory till final shipment of goods. These tools need to be implemented quickly without the need for complicated customization or deployment methodologies.

Our suite of technology enabled solutions help distributors streamline business operations and improve their supply chain and inventory management. By facilitating on time product delivery with tools that ensure customer-supplier integration, we help you enhance your customer relationships and address the needs of your core market effectively.

Consumer Goods

In an ever growing retail industry, the demand for consumer packaged goods is constantly on the rise, with consumers expecting high quality innovative products at lower prices. Companies need to provide more value-added services to retain and expand their customer base. Our CRM solutions are designed to help you meet the demands of your retail clients, reduce operational costs and enhance overall customer satisfaction levels.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage market players are faced with constant industry pressures and challenges eventually leading to reduced margins and slow business growth. To help our clients in this space meet growing customer demands and deliver products in compliance with regulatory norms, we have developed a suite of solutions that help streamline processes and increase productivity. Our solutions enable you to automate your business processes and speed up the time to market at reduced operational costs.

Industrial Goods

Industrial goods distributors are often caught between meeting the expectations of their target market and maintaining their levels of profitability and business growth. While demand for industrial products is constantly on the rise, distributors also need to provide value-added services to retain customers and expand their business. Our suite of flexible industry-specific distribution management solutions help you manage your distribution and supply chain channels effectively, thereby enhancing your overall customer management experience.

Announcing Name Change: AscendSure will henceforth be known as “eNSURE” .We are proud to announce that we are changing ERP applications implementation and support services name from “AscendSure” to “eNSURE”. The name changes are due to the significant services acceptances and appreciation of the customers and to avoid resembling any other trade or brand names. The company will continue to operate in the ERP Solutions & Support Services space and promote “eNSURE” the award winning methodology of Nasscom with recognition as ‘Emerge 50’ in the year 2011.