Professional Services

Organizations dealing in professional services have a big challenge in meeting the needs of their customers, since they primarily deal in an intangible and ever-changing product line. To ensure good margins and increased profitability, firms need to ensure accurate, on time project estimations and be flexible when it comes to customer needs and expectations. Organizations need to deploy robust IT infrastructure and solutions that facilitate data collaboration and sharing for speedy and informed decision making.

We provide robust ERP and CRM solutions that help professional services companies manage all aspects of their core business in a smooth manner. Our solutions suite helps streamline business processes and improve the quality and level of customer interactions, enabling you to make critical business decisions in a timely manner.


Construction industry professionals need to deliver their projects on time and within the stipulated budget. Accurate financial and operational construction management tools and solutions are critical to executing projects efficiently and ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction and business profitability .

Our integrated and flexible construction management software systems enable construction professionals to manage their complex business processes easily, without large investments in IT infrastructure. Deploying our solutions can help you reduce costs and deliver quality output to your customers for improved customer relationships.

Government Contracting

Government contractors need to create timely and accurate data reports pertaining to their projects and ensure that concerned parties have access to relevant data at all times. This necessitates the deployment of highly stable and automated processes that can help minimize daily manual labor and increase operational efficiency.

We provide fully automated solutions that help our clients in the government contracting space collect data and information to comply with government regulations and auditing laws. Our solutions enable you to streamline business processes and maintain data accuracy in compliance with special government accounting norms and regulations.

Announcing Name Change: AscendSure will henceforth be known as “eNSURE” .We are proud to announce that we are changing ERP applications implementation and support services name from “AscendSure” to “eNSURE”. The name changes are due to the significant services acceptances and appreciation of the customers and to avoid resembling any other trade or brand names. The company will continue to operate in the ERP Solutions & Support Services space and promote “eNSURE” the award winning methodology of Nasscom with recognition as ‘Emerge 50’ in the year 2011.