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Ascenders Language Services

Ascenders Language Translation Services

Ascenders Language Services offers the below mentioned:
Translation Services
Content Localization
Voice Over

Translation Services
When you want to compete successfully in a global marketplace, you need a qualified translation team that understands your goals and then adapts to help you achieve them quickly.From an incorrectly translated marketing message to work contract, the consequence could be awkward and cost incurring. Hence, by ensuring professional and accurate translation services can play an integral part in the global expansion of business.
Ascenders Technologies offers a complete array of document translation services. With your 100% customer satisfaction in mind, we work to effectively and accurately communicate your message to those around the world. Our Team of Translators possess good knowledge of local language and culture, which enables Corporates, Governments and Individuals from around the world to communicate accurately and effectively.
We are a professional translation service company in India, headquartered in Chennai with ISO 9001 :2008 certification, we make sure each project is completed by an accomplished, certified expert translator and independently reviewed by another to assure accuracy and quality. We make sure to use the tools your project needs for the utmost clarity and consistency, including glossaries and style guides.
We translate and present your written content accurately in any language:
As a professional language Service company, we translate content from one language to another while carefully retaining the original meaning, tone and intent. As a result, the message you intend to deliver is the message received.
• Any content (legal, marketing, instructional, education, health care, etc.)
• Any length / size
• for any purpose 
• for use in any printed or electronic medium 
• Supporting more than 100 languages and dialects.

TEP Model of Translation

Translation, Edition and Proofreading (TEP) form our core of the translation Project Model. It is the Process Cycle beginning with Translation of the text from the Source to Target Language, an expert typesetting it and a proof-reader reviewing it.
The editing process includes a review of translated documents for mistranslations, accuracy, punctuation, potential cultural issues, consistency and readability.
Proofreading is the final revision of a document and includes a review of the content, organization, coherence, tone and style of text.

Three phases in detail:
Phase 1 - Translation

  • Project Planning
  • Scope Definition & Requirements Development
  • File Preparation or Pre-Processing(Extraction of translatable text from source files)
  • Translation


Phase 2 - Edition
Integration of translated text into files (format and Desktop Publishing.)

Phase 3 – Proof Reading
Proofreading in final layout (Process of Verification of file and correction, if required)
Final target files
Delivery to the Customer

TEP guarantees the following benefits:

  • Better Quality
  • Better Adaptation & Reliability
  • Better Design & Formatting
  • Efficient & Time Saving

Ascenders Technologies - Top Quality Business Translation Services
Whether it’s a form for use at the local health centre or the instructions for a cutting-edge product being used in various countries around the world, you can rely on Ascenders Technologies for accurate, on-time, on-budget service. We have developed experience and expertise in many fields, including:


Advertisement& Promotions


E learning

Banking, Finance & Accounts


Information Technology


Market Research




Since we support all major graphic design, word processing and presentation software, we can deliver your project in virtually any format, for use in print or online.

Our Language Experts

  • We always rely on Native Translators to localize your content to respective region of the world.
  • We possess 500 accredited/Certified Language Experts
  • They are qualified Subject Matter Experts and rich domain Knowledge.
  • Being native, our language experts incorporate the subtle cultural nuances of local languages.
  • All our language experts are accredited with language proficiency certifications.
  • As we have mutual understanding for strong and long term relationship, we follow ethical business practice in terms of dedication, transparency and confidentiality of the customer information.

You have the leverage to choose from any of the 50 languages we serve currently, and you will quickly receive the language translation services that will be accurate, relevant and localized to your targeted recipient. 

Content Localization

Specialized Offering in Publishing – Project Management (Handwritten notes to Printing)
Keyboarding > Copy Editing > Translation>Proof Reading> Formatting to Printable
Our Process - TEP
Translation > Editing > Proof Reading

Voice over Services

  • 25 Languages
  • 100+ Voice over artists
  • Indian, European, Asian & Middle-East Asian.

Specialized offering in Voice over – Localization in English

Language Interpretation

  • European languages
  • Asian Languages

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